Bunker Laser Tag Photo Gallery
The exact layout and contents of the Bunker are a closely guarded secret, but we managed to sneak a few photos out from inside.

You can browse through these in our gallery below. If you have your own photos from inside The Bunker and would like to see them here, please email them to us at info@bunkerlasertag.com and we will add them to the gallery.

LCD Heads Up Display shows Individual Stats

Our scenarios and point-scoring are all designed to encourage team-based gaming, rewarding co-operation above self-preservation. Winning teams will use a combination of strategy, communication and cunning.

Unlike old fashioned laser tag systems, there are no individual rankings or paper-based score sheets. Instead, gamers can check out their own statistics in real-time on their Heads-Up-Display and scenario results/scores are announced at game end depending on how each team has performed.

Contact: 07341 894 992 . Opening Hours: 10:00-17:00 . Viable Ages: 8+ . Location: Exeter, Devon . Teams: 2 . Players: 16
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